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community - On-site events

SIA's 832-acre site is host to many events throughout the year.  From charity walks and competitive athletic events, to workshops, meetings and training programs, SIA partners with many organizations to provide a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor space.  Requests for use of SIA's facilities are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.   


SIA ASSOCIATES:  If you would like to request use of SIA's Rec Center facilties for personal use, please contact the Rec Center

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SIA's Facilities

SIA has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor space that can be ideal for a wide variety of events and activities.


Click on the button above to view photos and details about each of the facility spaces available at SIA.  



Terms & Conditions

To ensure the safety and success of your event, please click on the  button above to read the Terms and Conditions of using SIA's facilities.


If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact:


Media Oakes


Communications & Ext. Relations

(765) 449-6269

Request Forms

If you would like to request the use of any of SIA's facilities, click to submit an online request form.

If you are non-profit organization requesting use of SIA's facilities for a FUND RAISER that is open to the public, you will ALSO be required to submit a sponsorship/donation request online form (in addition to the Facility Use Request Form).


You will also use this form if you are requesting and additional sponsorship or in-kind donation from SIA.

Planning a Fundraiser

Planning a fundraising event can be daunting.  Let our experience in hosting fundraisers help make the planning easier and the event more successful.


Click on the Timeline Planner button above to view and download a complete timeline that will ensure you complete key tasks and submit required forms on time.  We've included tips and examples that have proven successful when hosting a fundraising event at SIA.




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