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Insurance Information:  Old Republic Insurance Company

Agent:  Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLD.

Only Valid in the United States

Contact Information


Shelley Cain (Fleet Coordinator):  765-449-6822 or 765-714-4446

On Duty Security Supervisor (staffed 24 hr):  765-449-6802



  • Law Enforcement must be notified of all accidents involving any property damage or injury.  This includes accidents where a company vehicle is truck by a "hit and run" vehicle.  The police may not respond to all incidents or accidents.  However, the driver of the SIA owned vehicle must attempt to report and obtain the name and agency of the officer answering the call.

  • If you find yourself in a situation regarding a hit and run or other party refuses to wait for law enforcement, get as much information as possible about all parties such as vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers.  Simply accepting a name

  • In no case should any Associate or authorized driver attempt to negotiate any settlement of admit fault with any third party; nor should any Associate or authorized driver speak to a claims adjuster or representative of any third party.  Claims for damages to or by SIA owned vehicles will be coordinated by SIA.  Only discuss details of the accident to law enforcement officer(s) until you have reported the accident/incident to the SIA Fleet Coordinator.

  • Any accident involving an SIA owned vehicle must be reported to the Fleet Coordinator no later than the next working day following the accident and an SIA Driver Accident or Vehicle Damage Report must be submitted.  Any accident involving another vehicle or damage to property other than the SIA vehicle also requires this same form.  All appropriate information including other drivers/vehicles information or other property damage is required.  Please list information regarding witness(es) if applicable.

  • If Police responded to the accident and a report is taken, you must provide a copy of the Police Report to the Fleet Coordinator as soon as the report is available.  Most agencies now have reports available online for your convenience.  If you wish to be reimbursed for the cost of the report, please provide a receipt with the report.

  • Under the following circumstance you should report the accident immediately:

  • There are more than 2 vehicles involved in the accident

  • Anyone involved in the accident is taken to a medical facility by ambulance

  • Company vehicle requires being towed

  • For further details refer to the SIA Assigned Vehicle Policy (#90-20 Section  7)


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