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Choosing an internship with SIA means you want to learn real-world skills from a global leader in advanced automotive manufacturing.


Internships at SIA are immersive, giving you invaluable, hands-on experience in a diverse range of career options.  

AIM Program Students Watching Robot
AIM Students training

internship opportunities

High School Internships

High School Students from


Jeff High School

Harrison High School

McCutcheon High School


Contact your ICE/BCE Coordinator at your school for more information

Maintenance Internships

The Advanced Internship in Manufacturing (AIM) Program at SIA


  • Combines the classroom with real-world, hands-on experience

  • Gives you a direct path to employment in the advanced manufacturing sector

  • Allows you to earn a two or four year degree with little or NO DEBT!

AIM Program Brochure

Click on the brochure to learn more about SIA's AIM Program and learn how to get on the FAST TRACK to your future!

College Internships

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Professional Internships

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