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Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA), a subsidiary of Subaru Corp., is home of North American Subaru production. Models built at the Lafayette, Indiana plant are the Ascent, Impreza, Legacy and Outback. With 5,700 Associates, SIA is committed to quality, safety and environmental stewardship.




Site Area: 820 acres

Improved Area: 620 acres

Building Area Footprint: 3,651,308 square feet

Floor Space with Mezzanine and Penthouse: 4,754,002 square feet

Conveyors: 16.85 miles

Current Production Capacity (units /month based on an eight hour-per-shift schedule): 32,956

Allowable Production Volume Under SIA's Air Operating Permit: 514,000



Stamping: 468,233 square feet

4 Transfer Presses: (1) 4,500 ton, (2) 3,500 ton,

(1) 2,700 ton High Speed Tandem Press: 5,000 ton

Body Assembly: 702,186 square feet

Paint 1 & Paint 2: 1,701,910 square feet

Trim & Final: 1,433,327 square feet

Engine: 189,276 square feet

Administrative Office: 151,070 square feet

Service Parts: 108,000 square feet


Container Yard: 1,398,459 square feet

Recreation Center: 19,795 square feet

Training and Reception Center: 14,598 square feet

Child Development Center: 13,341 square feet

Health & Wellness Center: 3,565 square feet

Technical Training Building: 10,500 square feet

Test Track: 2 miles

Motor Pool: 156 acres

Last Updated: July 1, 2019