Paint Section

The paint shop at SIA represents approximately 1/3 of the total initial $600 million dollar start-up investment. It occupies three levels; the main floor, the mezzanine, and the penthouse. The paint shop uses over seven miles of conveyors and features more than 74 electric and hydraulic robots. Beneath the spray booths, SIA uses special water traps to catch paint over spray. The water from these traps is cleaned in SIA's own water treatment plant. After treatment the water is then recycled back through the paint area. The paint area must remain free of dust, lint, and other foreign materials, so Associates must enter air showers after donning special coveralls. The paint process is as follows:

1. Clean and Pre-Treatment gives the metal a flexible coating to tolerate temperature extremes and prepares the surface for better paint adhesion.

2. Electrodeposition Coat is an electroplated corrosion-resistant, primer coat that adheres to all exposed surfaces and prevents rust.

3. Sealant is applied around the doors, hood, tailgate, and around the gas tank for water leak prevention.

4. Primer Surface Coat provides a smooth surface for paint adhesion. The primer is applied depending on the final color of the vehicle, the primers come in three colors (white, light gray, and dark gray). The surface coat also provides an additional corrosion protection.

5. Base Color Coat is the vehicle's final color. The final color coat not only makes the vehicles attractive but also provides additional protection for extended product life.

6. Clear Coat is the final spray application. It gives the vehicle its luster and protects the vehicle finish from sunlight deterioration.