Since the beginning of SIA, safety has always been a top priority. In 1999, SIA's OSHA Incident Rate was 11.7. That was about half of the automobile manufacturing industry average of 22.7. Since then, SIA's incident rate has declined to 0.94 in 2012. That's over seven times better than the most recent reported U.S. automobile manufacturing industry average of 6.7 in 2011. Since 2002, SIA has had the lowest OSHA Incident Rate of all the automakers in the United States.

Indiana's overall OSHA Incident Rate was 4.3 in 2011, above the national average of 3.8. Manufacturers in Indiana had a combined incident rate of 5.2 in 2011.  In 2011, Indiana manufacturers had an incident rate that was over five and a half times higher than SIA’s rate in 2012.